Covid-19 abrupt development in Canada

Written by: Ritisha Garg

“This will be a new normal, until a vaccine is developed.” — P.M. Justin Trudeau. Recently, a global pandemic known as Covid-19 unexpectedly struck Canada. From laid-back in January and February, to abruptly panicked in March is the response Canada’s federal government has given Canadians. The rapid and unpredictable growth of the Covid-19 development in Canada had shocked everyone. It’s important for Canadian citizens to be aware of the Covid-19 development in Canada because they should know how their government reacted at this time. In this article you will find some useful information on the development of Covid-19 in Canada. 

In January, with not enough information on Covid-19, Canada had only seen few Covid-19 cases thus, measures were taken very lightly and Canada had cooperated with the W.H.O committee for further guidelines. But, were these actions enough to contain a newly born virus? On January 19th, scientists had declared that they have no clear evidence that the virus can be easily transmitted. Due to this tip, Canada seemed relaxed in that situation and did not apply any rules on travel nor border closures. Then a couple of days later, the W.H.O committee reported that human-to-human transmission is a fact and suddenly, on January 27th, officials reported Canada’s first case of Covid-19 related to recent travel from the city of Wuhan. As you can see, Covid-19 development had just begun, thus in January, it had affected only some Canadians. As a result of the poor development of Covid-19, the Canadian government, and Canadian citizens seemed to be relaxed and tension-free in this short timeline. 

In February, the number of cases started to increase, and Canada had only done a few things to contain the virus. As the W.H.O committee was giving out more advice and knowledge on this virus, Canada was beginning to get more informed on Covid-19. Throughout February, Canada was recommending voluntary self-isolation and sending instruction pamphlets to those who traveled back from China and other highly infected areas. The public had begun to develop fear and racism for the Chinese. Number of Covid-19 cases began to increase, although at that time they weren’t too much. One of the essential actions Canada had taken was to expand screening requirements in 10 airports from across 6 provinces. Overall, in February the situation in Canada was under-control and there were no strict measures taken to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In March, The Covid-19 cases had suddenly increased to a high extent and in response, the Canadian government and Provincial governments had taken some strict steps. Canada closed its borders, advised for no non-essential travel and claimed that everyone who has traveled, must self-isolate for 14 days. As of March 11th, The Covid-19 cases in Canada suddenly totaled up to 117 cases. This shows that the Covid-19 development suddenly increased in mid-march and because of this, the Ontarian government closes schools till April 5th. In reaction to the sudden increase of restrictions, the public started to get panicked and many citizens had chosen to panic shop in case of a provincial/national lock down. Overall, Canada suddenly strictly reacted in March in response to the abrupt increase in the Covid-19 development. 

In conclusion, Covid-19 development in Canada rapidly increased in March while staying under-control in January and February. The Canadian government had taken some actions, however remained to not apply any soon measures until March. Hopefully, before the Covid-19 development becomes overly out-of control, the Canadian government will act upon containing the virus. 


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Letter to Future self…

It has been a very long time since the last time I wrote! Finally I have gotten a chance to catch up with my writing! Here is a Letter to my Future self which is to be read after Covid-19 is over! I know this is a tough time for all of us…

Dear Future Self,

By the time you will read this letter, it will officially be a full-year since the Covid-19 situation had ended. You are probably celebrating this one-year-old birthday with big smiles and hugs! Right now, I am still suffering somewhere in the depths of this disaster and can only imagine how the world and me myself would change after this tragedy will end. Although you may think that the Covid-19 pandemic was dreadful and catastrophic, there are some lessons that I want you to remember from your experience. 

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, many people were not taking the topic of hygiene seriously. However, nowadays people are acting upon countless measures in order to maintain disinfection all around their homes. If only the society was this sensible from the start, the impact would have been slow and not affected many people. I believe that even after Covid-19 will end, individuals will continue to practice social-distancing and other hygiene because they will be aware of the importance of doing such tasks. Perhaps new organizations and inventions would be created to raise awareness and help people to keep proper disinfection. Even though I know you are responsible and are already taking precautions, I still want to remind you of how important this topic is. Not only can practicing hygiene help stop a virus, but it can also prevent infections and other diseases. I want you to stay safe and healthy! 

Remember all the resources such as digital learning, food, family, and health services you had access to during quarantine? You are so grateful for these resources, as others don’t receive such fortuity. As schools are closed many students lose their access to learning because they are not provided with the tools needed for digital education. Also because the health services are overwhelmed, there are many additional deaths. Not only that, but in the poor countries, residents will lose their source of food, clean water and sanitation. It will take many years for these poor countries to recover from the economic loss, and the residents will suffer for an even longer time. In fact, even in the wealthy countries, many citizens will also suffer from financial loss. It will take time for these people to recover. Perhaps the government and other organizations like the “World Economic Forum” will provide such citizens with help. Anyways, you had access to many resources, services and support from family and friends. You should remember to be grateful for all the fortunities you have and all the people you have in your life to protect and support you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught me some very important lessons that I want my future self to remember. It has also done many modifications in the way people will live after the virus will end. I can’t wait for the time to come when I will finally get the chance to read this letter. I hope that the time comes very soon!

  • Ritisha Garg

School uniforms – I vote for!!!!

Last week, my teacher Mr. C asked me to write a letter to him on persuasive writing on any topic. In Canada, we are free to wear any dress in schools (Public schools). There are always debates on whether there should be uniforms or not. Even I heard my parents always talking about it at parties or at any get together or during the morning chaos. So I wrote a letter to Mr. C and tried to convince him that “our school or board should introduce school uniform” by keeping the facts in front of him. Yes, He got convinced !!!

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How about you? Read the letter below and don’t forget to comment your views.

Dear Mr. C,

My name is Ritisha, and I think our school should have school uniforms. Don’t care? What if I tell you that this could be beneficial to students, teachers as well as parents. There are statistics and surveys that prove my point.
One reason we should have school uniforms is that it will show our school’s unity and it will also represent how are school is one big team. Also, if students want to show how they are different or they want to express their feelings they will focus more on their behavior and will try to gain pride from what they do and not from what they wear. This will encourage students to take responsibility in their behavior which will make it easier for teachers to teach because students will stay in discipline. I think school uniforms will be a good way to positively change the behavior of kids in our school.
With school uniforms students will feel like they “fit in” and they will not feel ashamed of what they wear. This will boost their confidence and will help them to focus on their education rather than their apparel. Two researchers from the University of Nevada did a survey on school uniforms which showed that out of 3 middle schools, 90% of students indicated various benefits of school uniforms including an increase in confidence and self-esteem. If such a little thing like school uniforms can give a student self-esteem and confidence then why say “no” to school uniforms.
Imagine having to spend so much time picking out your clothes that look good, match the dress code and are comfortable. Wouldn’t it be easier to just wear a school uniform? It could save so much time, and it will lower the chance of students getting late.
Back-to-school clothing cost so much! Did you know that buying school uniforms is a lot cheaper than buying back-to-school clothing. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NASEP) and the National Retail Federation, 77 percent of respondents estimated the average cost of school uniforms per child, per year, was $150 or less and parents spent close to $231 per child on back-to-school clothing.  This survey proves that school uniforms can benefit parents because they are way cheaper than back-to-school clothing.
When all students are dressed alike, competition between students over clothing choices and the teasing of those who are dressed in less expensive or less fashionable outfits can be eliminated.  According to a national survey reported on shows that school uniforms reduce 30-50% bullying. If our school has school uniforms than the chance of students being bullied will be reduced by a lot.
School uniforms can help so many students, parents and teachers. If you demand all students to wear school uniforms then, our school will have a positive change. Please think about my request and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Ritisha Garg

I will be happy to hear back from you, your views.


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